Canada imposed restrictions on International Student Permit, this year only so many students will get admission…

Canada Caps International Students: There is important news for students planning to go to Canada for higher studies. Canada has set a limit for granting permits to international students. Under this, now only a limited number of students will get permission to study here. Actually, Canada is struggling with housing system and health care problems. They are not able to make accommodation arrangements for the students. To deal with these problems, Canada has decided that they will no longer admit more students. Only those students who can be properly accommodated will get admission.

Reinforcement will be imposed for two years

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, after the imposition of this ban, about 3.6 lakh students will get permits to study in Canada. If last year i.e.

Steps have been taken even before this

Canada had earlier also taken steps to properly accommodate international students in the country and to keep the country’s infrastructure system in good condition. For this he had announced that international students will have to keep double money in their account only then they will be able to study here. For Canada study permit, students were required to have 20,635 Canadian dollars in their account.

Some people were taking advantage

In this regard, Immigration Minister Mark Miller says that this rule had become necessary because this was being taken advantage of in many places in Canada. Such accommodation and other services were being provided at exorbitant rates which they did not deserve. From high tuition fees to high accommodation charges were being collected from the students. 

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