This person, not the Ambani family, gave the biggest donation for Ram temple, not 10-20 but donated so many crores.

Ramlala is seated in the Ram temple of Ayodhya. A grand Pran Pratistha ceremony took place on Monday, January 22 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present here as the chief guest. Duly worship took place and the supernatural idol of Ramlala was installed in the temple. On this occasion, thousands of Ram devotees from across the country and the world reached Ayodhya. Thousands of people have donated according to their capacity and faith for the construction of Ram temple. A total of Rs 3200 crore has been donated for Ram temple.

This person made the biggest donation

Everyone from big businessmen to Bollywood stars and saints have donated for the Ram temple. But do you know who is the one who has made the biggest donation? If you are thinking that he is a big business tycoon associated with Ambani-Adani or Tata Group, then you are wrong. According to DNA report, a businessman from Surat has donated 101 kg of gold to the temple. Dilip Kumar V Lakhi, associated with the diamond business, has given the biggest donation to Ram Temple. According to reports, Dilip Kumar has donated 101 kg of gold in the name of the temple trust. This gold has been used in making the sanctum sanctorum, pillars etc. The value of this gold is being estimated around Rs 70 crore.

He was the first to make such a huge donation

Apart from this, storyteller and spiritual guru Morari Bapu also donated Rs 18.6 crore for Ram temple. According to the trust, Murari Bapu was the first person who gave such a huge amount. Dabur India announced on the occasion of the consecration of Ram Temple that it will donate a part of the profit from the sale of its products from January 17 to January 31 to Shri Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra. Talking about Ambani family, they have donated Rs 2.51 crore to the Ram Mandir Trust of Ayodhya.

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