Central government has taken a big decision to stop the arbitrariness of private coaching centres, these rules will be applicable on coaching centers from now on.

Keeping in view the future of the students, the Central Government has taken a very big decision regarding private coaching institutes. Whichever coaching institute provides training for professional courses. Now he will have to register himself with the government. The guidelines prepared under the Coaching Center 2024 of Registration and Regulation have been sent by the Central Government to the Chief Secretaries of the States and Union Territories. So that he can get them implemented.

What do the new guidelines say?

Some things have been specially emphasized in the guidelines decided by the Central Government. It has been said in the guidelines that there is a lot of pressure of competition on the students. That is why coaching centers will now take steps to keep in mind the mental condition of the students. Not much pressure will be put on them. Along with this, if any student is in a state of stress and needs help, then the coaching center will have to make such arrangements in advance. So that he can help the student.

Along with this, coaching centers have also been asked to include experienced psychologists, psychotherapists and counselors. According to the new guidelines made for coaching centres, no coaching center will be able to give admission to students below 16 years of age. Along with this, the educational qualifications of the tutors will also have to be kept in mind and one square meter of space will have to be given for one student in place of the coaching centre. 

There will be penalty for violation of guidelines

Along with this, the Central Government has issued strict orders and also said that if the coaching center does not follow these guidelines, then a fine of Rs 25,000 will be imposed for the first time violation. So if the violation is committed for the second time, a fine of Rs 1 lakh will be imposed. The most important thing has been said in the guidelines. That has been said regarding fees. If a student pays the fees for the entire course and leaves the course midway. So in such a situation the coaching institute will have to return the remaining course fees. Which will also include hostel and mess fees. 

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