Heat Wave: These states closed schools amid rising mercury, know how long the holidays lasted in which state

Schools Closed In These States: The heat has been increasing for the last several days. Strong sunlight and heat wave have badly affected the life of common people. Even on this, children are facing a lot of trouble because the heat of the sun is at its peak while returning from schools. Meanwhile, many states have announced summer holidays.

Although schools are closed at most of the places at this time, but in view of the heat, this time the schools have been closed even where holidays were to be held late. Let’s see for how long schools are closed in which state.

UP’s condition is bad

The temperature had increased wildly in many cities of UP. The temperature reached 47 at many places in Kanpur, Noida and Agra. In view of this, heatwave alert was issued and schools were closed. Holidays were to be held here from May 19 but many schools have already declared summer vacation. After about 40 days, the schools of UP will be opened in the end of June or in the first week of July. Schools can operate only for students of class 10th and 12th as per the need.

The first holiday took place in Delhi

It was already announced that schools in Delhi will be closed from May 11. As soon as the heat wave reached its peak, the schools here were closed. According to the academic calendar here, schools will remain closed from May 11 to June 30. A total of 50 days of summer break has been given here. However, the rules for class 10th and 12th students may be different according to the schools.

Schools closed in Punjab too

Along with UP, the Punjab government has also closed all the educational institutions due to the heat. Although the opening date of every school (private) is different, but broadly the schools here have been closed from 21st May to 30th June. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the safety of children.

What is the situation of MP

Schools were closed earlier than in all other states. Summer holidays were declared in the schools of Madhya Pradesh from 1st May which will continue till 15th June. After this, further decision can be taken depending on the condition of heat.

Holidays started in Rajasthan also

The Education Department of Rajasthan has also announced summer vacation here in view of the mercury. The summer holidays here started from 17th May and will continue till 30th June. You can contact the school for further updates.

School timing changed in Haryana

Summer holidays have not been declared yet in the schools of Haryana. There will be holidays here from June 1 which will last till June 30. Schools will reopen from July 1. However, changes have been made in the school timings which will remain in effect till May 31. It is possible that considering the summer conditions, we may take a vacation here soon. Here the timing has been changed from 7 to 12. 

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