440 crores were spent on one episode of this series which has not been released till date, the director made a fortune by buying Rolls Royce and Ferrari

The competition for new content on OTT is getting tougher with each passing day. Every platform tries to generate the best content so that it can attract as many viewers as possible. Along with creating new content, there is also an effort to buy good content. Even if it means spending crores of rupees for it. Sometimes there is competition between OTT platforms to buy good content. But it is not necessary every time that the content which they have bought expensively thinking it to be very good becomes a hit among the audience. Netflix has also invested Rs 440 crore in one such show, but the show could not be made till date.

Rs 440 crore spent

According to the New York Times report, Netflix started working on a science fiction show in 2018. Netflix also spent a huge amount on this show. According to the New York Times, this amount is around 55 million dollars. Which is Rs 440 crore in Indian currency. The responsibility of completing this show was given to director Carl Rinsch. Even at that time, many show makers were surprised that how Netflix placed such a big bet on a newcomer. Before such a big project, Carl Rinsch had directed only one film. Whose name was 47 Ronin.

not even a single episode was made

Despite spending such a huge amount, the show could not be completed. According to the New York Times, the director’s behavior was a major reason for this. First he was entangled in Covid 19 and then the matter of his divorce continued. Due to which the work of the show could not be completed by the deadline. Netflix also paid the director an amount of 90 crores for this show. There is also speculation that the director bought a Rolls Royce car, Ferrari, furniture and many designer clothes with this money. But not a single episode of the show was completed. And, currently legal disputes are going on between Netflix and the director.

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