JM Financial launched Small Cap Fund: NFO will remain open till June 10; This category of funds gave up to 75% return in a year

JM Financial Mutual Fund has launched JM Small Cap Fund today i.e. on 27th May. This is an open-ended equity scheme, which will mainly invest in shares of smallcap companies. Investors can apply till June 10 to invest in this NFO i.e. New Fund Offer, whose allotment will be done on June 25. The benchmark of this scheme is Nifty Smallcap 250 TRI. This scheme will be managed by Asit Bhandarkar, Chaitanya Choksi and Gurvinder Singh Wasan. After listing on the stock exchange, investors will be able to invest their money in this mutual fund at any time and can redeem it at any time. You can apply for this NFO from a minimum of ₹ 100 Investors can apply for the NFO of JM Small Cap Fund through SIP from a minimum of ₹ 100, which can be increased in multiples of ₹ 100. At the same time, a minimum of ₹ 5000 can be invested in lump sum. You can make payment for this through UPI, Net Banking, NIFT or RTGS. What is NFO? When any mutual fund is listed, it is called NFO. All the mutual funds that are currently available are listed by bringing NFO in this way. What are small-cap funds? Small-cap mutual funds are funds that invest in small companies. That is, companies whose shares have very low value. We call them smallcap companies. However, they are identified only after assessing the prospects of better growth in the business of such companies listed in the stock market. Small-cap mutual funds invest in all except the top 250 companies of the stock market in terms of market cap. Small-cap mutual funds invest up to 65% of their investment amount in small companies. After this, the fund manager invests the remaining 35% of the amount in the shares of mid or large companies. Small cap mutual funds giving the highest returns in a year (Source: AMFI; data till 24 May 2024)

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