Aamir Khan’s ex-wife Reena Dutta had slapped him on this matter, told Kapil Sharma – On the birth of Junaid…

Aamir Khan was seen as a guest this week on the Netflix show The Great Indian Kapil Show. His sisters Nikhat and Farhat also reached the show. During this, Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan talked about many interesting stories related to his life. One of these was when the actor’s ex-wife Reena Dutta slapped him at the time of the birth of their son Junaid. Actually, when Kapil Sharma asked a question about Aamir Khan observing the behavior of people, the actor narrated a funny incident to the fans, which happened during the birth of his son Junaid.

Aamir Khan told that when Reena ji was having labor pains and we were in the hospital. Then as a good husband, I practiced some breathing exercises. As the labor progressed, I tried to calm her down. But he slapped me and said, ‘Stop this nonsense!’ Reena ji was in a lot of pain. He also bit my hand.”

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Further speaking about the emotional intensity of that moment, he says, “Later, I realized what was happening around me. I noticed one thing when a person is in a lot of pain… like during delivery. I never planned for this to happen to women. I just looked at Reena’s face when she was experiencing that pain. It is believed that a person’s face will get distorted due to pain… but it is not so when the pain is severe, which cannot be predicted, then it is an expression of surprise and the person does not accept it. She could not understand the intensity of her pain.

It is noteworthy that Aamir Khan and Reena lived together for 16 years and then got divorced. Both of them have two children, son Junaid Khan and daughter Aira Khan. After this the actor married filmmaker Kiran Rao, who has a son Azad Rao Khan. After 15 years of marriage, both of them have taken divorce and are parenting their son.

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