4 crore investors increased in the stock market in 1 year: 32% of these were from Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, 62 lakh investors joined in Maharashtra.

The number of retail investors (Demat accounts), who are playing an important role in bringing growth and stability in the stock market, has increased by 4.03 crore (31.23%) in a year. Of these, 1.28 crore (32.16%) new investors have come from Bihar, Madhya Pradesh (MP), Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. These are those states which were considered economically backward and were kept in the category of ‘sick’ states. In comparison, in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Telangana, which are considered prosperous, only 52.10 lakh (12.92%) retail investors increased. 57.24 lakh new investors joined in UP in one year. Now the total number of investors in Uttar Pradesh has increased to 1.81 crore. It has overtaken Gujarat to become the state with the second largest population of stock investors after Maharashtra. There are a total of 3.19 crore investors in Maharashtra. Whereas the number of stock market investors in Gujarat is 1.60 crore. Only 7.08 lakh investors have increased in Kerala in one year. In Kerala, which is considered a prosperous state of the country, only 7.08 lakh investors have increased in the last one year. In Karnataka, 19.02 lakh new investors have joined the stock market in the last one year. However, in Maharashtra its number stood at 62.64 lakh. The number of demat accounts has tripled in 3 years and the number of demat accounts has more than tripled in three years. In 2021, their number was 5.44 crore, which has increased to 16.96 crore. Mehta Equities Director Prashant Bhansali said- It seems possible to reach 20 crore demat accounts in the next 12 months. There has been a rise of 20% in Sensex in the last one year. There has been a rise of 20% in the last one year. One year ago i.e. on 28 April 2023, Sensex was at 61,112 points, which has now reached 73,730 points i.e. on 28 April 2024. According to experts, the rise is likely to continue in the coming days.

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