After 20 years, Veer-Zaara actor broke his silence, described himself as the hero of the film and Shahrukh Khan as the villain.

Have you seen the movie Veer Zara? Who was the villain and who was the hero in this movie? If asked this question, perhaps your answer would be that Shahrukh Khan was the hero of the film and Manoj Bajpayee was the villain. Due to one condition of which Veer i.e. Shahrukh Khan was forced to go to jail quietly. But according to the real villain of the film i.e. Manoj Bajpayee, the real villain of the film is not him but Shahrukh Khan. Almost 20 years after the release of the film, Manoj Bajpayee has revealed this big secret related to the film. And, told why he felt that the real villain of the film was not him but Shahrukh Khan.

Who is the real villain?

Manoj Bajpayee himself has shared a funny incident related to this question in an interview. Manoj Bajpayee said that a Pakistani woman was criticizing him for his negative role in the film Veer Zara. The woman said that the real problem between Veer and Zara’s union was created by Manoj Bajpayee. In response to which Manoj Bajpayee had said that you should see from his angle. From the point of view of her character in the film, Zara was his fiancee. Who wanted to leave them and go with Veer. In this respect, the villain who came between him and Zara was Shahrukh Khan.

fame Got love from Chopra

While sharing memories related to this film, Manoj Bajpayee also told that Yash Chopra always gave him as much love and respect on the sets as he used to give to Shahrukh Khan. After seeing Manoj Bajpayee’s work in the movie Pinjar, he signed him for this film. However, one day Yash Chopra laughingly told him that son, the work is done now, we don’t know when we will work together again. I don’t make films for actors like you.

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