Akanksha Chamola is jealous of Anuj Kapadia and Anupama’s romantic chemistry! This was the answer of Gaurav Khanna’s wife

Perhaps all is not well between Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna. There have been reports of cold war between them for a long time. However, their alleged fight has had no impact on MaAn fans. Many people praise their on-screen chemistry. Actually, the chemistry of Anu and Anuj is the biggest high point of the entire show. Recently in a conversation, Gaurav Khanna’s wife Akanksha Chamola, who is also a big fan of MaAn, told whether she is jealous of the bonding of Gaurav Khanna and Rupali Ganguly or not. In an interview with TV Times, Gaurav Khanna’s wife Akanksha Chamola was asked if she ever felt jealous seeing Gaurav romancing Rupali Ganguly on screen.

Akanksha said that she never felt the slightest jealousy. Akakshan told that when there is a romantic scene, she gives him inputs. He mentioned that only Akanksha guides him. How to focus more especially in romantic scenes. Akanksha again says that since she loves reading books, she is a great lover and fan of romance. It has been talked about in books and those romances are more beautiful and intense than the romance shown on TV and movies.

Gaurav and Akanksha were recently asked if they were thinking of becoming parents. On this, the couple says that at present they have no plans and there is no pressure on them from the family to have a child. Talking about Anupama, in the upcoming episodes you will see how Anu has reached the final round of the Superstar Chef competition. However, Aadhya tears the recipe book in which Anu had made a list of the names of those spices and ingredients. Whose names she was not able to remember in English. It will be interesting to see how Anu will win now that she does not have the book.

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