Akshay Kumar was not good in studies, father took this step to bring him on the right track

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar told the story of his accident in Thailand in a talk show. Akshay told that this incident taught him to be humble. Akshay Kumar joined the talk show ‘Dhawan Karenge’ hosted by cricketer Shikhar Dhawan as the first guest. During this, he recalled a memorable incident related to his trip to Bangkok. Akshay Kumar said, “My father realized that I was not interested in studies. He helped me go to Bangkok at an early age. I liked this country very much. As soon as you get off the flight, you will find that everyone Bending in front of you, it looks very nice and beautiful.

He further added, “I remember an incident that taught me the importance of humility and bowing down. When you humble yourself you get the flexibility to deal with any challenge or obstacle. Once while driving I accidentally hit a I collided with the RTO officer due to which we both fell down. I immediately apologized and bowed to him. The officer helped me lift my bike and helmet and allowed me to drive slowly and carefully. Advised.” The talk show ‘Dhawan Karenge’ is being aired on JioCinema Premium.

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