Stock market market-cap crosses $5 trillion for the first time: Market grew by $1 trillion in less than 6 months, it was $4 trillion on November 29, 2023

Today i.e. on 21st May, the Indian stock market has touched the figure of 5 trillion dollars (about 416 lakh crores) for the first time. The market has achieved this feat at a time when Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) are withdrawing their money from the Indian market due to the Lok Sabha elections. The combined market cap of all companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) rose to Rs 416 lakh crore during the day’s trading. It took less than 6 months for Dalal Street to go from $4 trillion on November 29, 2023 to $5 trillion on May 21. India is the fifth largest stock market in the world after Hong Kong, Japan, China and America. Today Sensex slipped 52 points and closed at 73,953. Flat trading was seen in the stock market today. Sensex slipped 52 points and closed at 73,953. There was an increase of 27 points in Nifty. It closed at the level of 22,529. Click to read full news… There will be a rise in the stock market after the election results. In a recent interview given to NDTV, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that after the results of the Lok Sabha elections on June 4, there will be a rise in the stock market. . He said that during “election week”, or the week when Lok Sabha election results are declared, the market performance will show who is coming back to power. PM Modi further said that when our government came 10 years ago, the market was at 25,000 (Sensex) and now it is at 75,000. Look at PSU banks, the value of their shares is increasing. Shares of many government companies have increased more than 10 times in the last two years. PM Modi took oath as Prime Minister for the first time on 26 May 2014. Amit Shah also expects a rise in the market. Earlier in an interview, Home Minister Amit Shah had said that I cannot predict the movement of the stock market, but generally whenever a stable government is formed at the Centre, the market goes up. Speed ​​is seen. I think BJP will win more than 400 seats, a stable Modi government will come and thus the market will rise. What is market capitalization? Market cap is the value of the total outstanding shares of any company, i.e. all those shares which are currently held by its shareholders. It is calculated by multiplying the total number of issued shares of the company by the stock price. Market cap is used to categorize the shares of companies. Market Cap = (number of shares outstanding) x (price of shares) How does market cap fluctuate? It is clear from the market cap formula that it is calculated by multiplying the total number of issued shares of the company by the stock price. That means if the share price increases then the market cap will also increase and if the share price decreases then the market cap will also decrease. How does market cap work? Whether a company’s shares will yield profit or not is estimated by looking at many factors. One of these factors is market cap. Investors can find out how big a company is by looking at the market cap. The higher the market cap of the company, the safer it is considered to invest in it. Stock prices rise and fall according to demand and supply. Therefore, market cap is the publicly perceived value of that company.

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