Apart from entertainment, the serials which came on Doordarshan in the 90s also taught us, children used to say ‘sorry’ to Shaktimaan every week.

No matter how many private channels come up or OTT platforms are created. But competition in the era of Doordarshan is not at all easy. In this era, the serials seen on TV screens were something different. Clean serial. In which there were negligible effects. The disconcerting music was also missing. And there was no sequence showing the same expression on repeat with a rustling music. Despite this, those shows used to be very engaging. Especially Shaktimaan who not only entertained the children but also taught them something with every episode.

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this was the serial

There would be nothing wrong if we say about Shaktimaan show that it was the first superhero based serial on the small screen. In which Shaktimaan used to reach from one place to another by moving round with his hands raised in the air. Efforts were made to save the world from the evil powers of only one person. This used to be the favorite serial of the children of that era. In which Mukesh Khanna was seen in the roles of both Gangadhar and Shaktimaan. Gangadhar used to be the name of that character who is a simple boy. When this boy used to roam around wearing a red suit, he used to get the power of Shaktiman.

Shaktiman used to teach like this

The Instagram handle named Doordarshan Ki Yaadein has shared a video on Instagram. In which two children are seen talking to each other while swinging on the gate. One child tells the other that I asked someone for help but he did not help. The second child says, yes friend, no one helps anyone these days. Meanwhile, a person comes to them and asks for the address and the children refuse. After this, Shaktimaan comes on the screen and teaches children to help others. Hearing this, the children realize their mistake and say sorry Shaktiman.

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