Get ready to watch Panchayat, Gullak, and Kota Factory with your family again, know when the next seasons of all three are coming.

TVF (The Viral Fever) has consistently delivered content that hits the right chord with the audience. With his strong content, this content creator has made a special place in the hearts of the viewers. These are Indian content players who have crossed the borders of India and made their mark at the global level. TVF has 7 shows in the top 250 list of IMDb, making it India’s biggest content force. TVF has produced a lot of great and interesting content, and will emerge as a leading content creator in 2024 with sequels to three of its biggest and popular shows.

‘Panchayat’ has left a deep impact on the audience with its very interesting story. This show has brought the story of a village which has succeeded in making its place in the hearts of the people. It ruled the world of memes with its dialogues like ‘Sun Raha Hai Binod’ and ‘Gajab Ajeeb Hai’, which became popular on social media. ‘Panchayat’ is ranked 88th in the global list of IMDb’s top 250 TV shows. Its first season received a tremendous response and its second season has reached even higher levels. Now, the audience is eagerly waiting for its next season which is set to air in 2024.

Piggy Bank
‘Gullak’ is a story which touches the heart of every Indian. The show is completely dedicated to a typical middle-class family, where one can find oneself. ‘Gullak’ has won the hearts of the audience with its interesting story, which is emotional and funny. Its being ranked 83rd in IMDb’s global list of Top 250 TV Shows makes it clear how this show has settled in the hearts of the viewers. Till now, three seasons of ‘Gullak’ have been released, and the audience is eagerly waiting for the next chapter to come in 2024.

Kota Factory
‘Kota Factory’ is a show that is dedicated to the life story of students. The audience has unanimously appreciated it and people have immediately connected with it. The popular character of Jeetu Bhaiya is also back on screen in the show. Based on the story of a student’s life, the show has become popular among people of all ages, especially students. ‘Kota Factory’ is ranked 80th in the global list of IMDb’s top 250 TV shows. Till now its 2 seasons have been released, and the audience is waiting for the third season.

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