Ayesha Khan fainted on Bigg Boss 17’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan entered the house, people said – was this drama or real?

Bigg Boss 17 Latest Episode: The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 was quite interesting. While the audience enjoyed watching Salman Khan’s class to his family members, the debate between Ayesha Khan and Munawwar Farooqui caught people’s attention. But the highlight was the sudden entry of Salman Khan in the Bigg Boss house, due to which Ayesha Khan fainted. People have also given a lot of reaction on this part.

Actually, it was seen in the promo that Ayesha Khan screams while coming out of the room and faints, seeing which the family members get scared. After this everyone takes him to the medical room where Salman Khan also enters. While entering the house, he is seen explaining to the contestants. After watching this promo, people have raised questions whether it was drama or real. Many people have supported Ayesha Khan.

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Apart from this, even Bigg Boss, who gives updates on Bigg Boss 17, said in a tweet, there is a rumor that Ayesha Khan had not fainted but had tried to harm herself. Perhaps the video and footage have been edited, the way the entire house reacted and were shocked, it really didn’t look like fainting. In fact, twice before this in the week, she had fainted and was shown falling on the floor. But this time it was not shown…even Ayesha’s face was not shown in the footage this time. This is why Salman needs to enter the house to calm the contestants and the situation.

After knowing this news, people have reacted fiercely. One user has said that if he has harmed himself then he should leave the show. Another user has said that there is blood on Munawwar’s hands. What is the truth will be known in the upcoming episode.

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