Board Exams 2024: How effective are smartphones in exam preparation, do they give benefits or cause harm?

Board Exams 2024 Preparation With Smartphone: When today’s children prepare for any exam, they definitely use smartphone i.e. internet. Board examination is also not untouched by this. In such a situation, many times this topic becomes a matter of debate between parents and students whether a smartphone is needed for studies or not. While parents feel that this will provide more distraction from studies, children feel that this can easily clear their doubts. Let’s talk about this today.

Smartphone is beneficial but…

Smartphone or any other internet device like laptop or computer can help in studies provided you have discipline. For how long to use the phone? Do not open anything else except what you want to see, protect yourself from distraction, if you can keep all these things in mind then you can use such a device.

Remove this application from the phone

If you really want to use your smartphone for studies, then remove unnecessary applications from it which distract you. Remove applications related to social media immediately as they will only distract you. The phone is more beneficial for this work because it is handy because it is small. It can be easily carried anywhere whereas you cannot roam around with a computer and laptop.

Clear doubts immediately

With the help of smartphone you can clear your doubts immediately. Where you get stuck or do not understand anything, you can understand it in detail with the help of Google or YouTube. If something is missed in class, it can also be covered through the internet. Another advantage of this is that if you are going somewhere, you can make best use of time on the way. On this you can listen to class recording, study, view notes or understand the topic by watching videos.

If there is no balance, things can get worse

If the candidate is not careful while using the smartphone then things can get worse. In most of the cases, it is seen that the child takes the phone to study and leaves studies and does everything else. Sometimes talking to friends, sometimes watching reels, sometimes spending time on social media. Therefore, use smartphone or internet only if you can maintain a proper balance of entertainment and studies.

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