Before leaving, the bride sang a song for her ex-boyfriend, blew airs of her husband sitting in front, said – If you take his name then you will be infamous

Wedding day is special for everyone. Everyone tries their best to make this day special in their own way. But just imagine, what if you remember your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend on the wedding day? Remember what will happen if you start crying bitterly for him. Your marriage will definitely break. In today’s post, we have brought such a funny video for you, after watching which you will not be able to understand whether you should laugh or cry.

In the video that we have brought for you, you can see a newlywed bride crying and singing a song for her ex-boyfriend. The girl is singing a song for her ex-boyfriend after marriage and the poor husband is standing nearby and looking at her. It seems as if the groom has lost every bit of his soul. The video going viral has been shared on different channels. In the video you can see that when the girl is asked the name of her ex, she says, “I cannot take the name of my ex, he will become infamous.”

After watching this video, people have started giving funny reactions on social media. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘Hey brother, hit me’. So another has written, ‘Look at the reaction of the poor groom.’ So some are asking why the groom has not gone yet. How did you like this video? Do tell us by commenting.

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