Now I am scared of you, have you fallen in love with me? Win hearts with this poetry on proposal day.

Expression of love is something which is very special for everyone. But expressing one’s feelings in front of someone is not an easy task. Valentine week has started. Rose Day is celebrated on 7th February. Propose Day is celebrated on 8th February. On this day lovers express their love. Many people copy the film style to express their love, while many believe in expressing their feelings through poetry. Let us tell you that Chocolate Day falls on 9 February, Teddy Day on 10 February, Promise Day on 11 February, Hug Day on 12 February, Kiss Day on 13 February and Valentine’s Day on 14 February. On Propose Day, we have brought some poetry for you with which you can express your love.

propose day shayari

I wanted to say that I love him
It’s taken me ages to say this
Khumar Barabankvi

Something else is going on in the heart but what to do?
words are used to express something else
Jalil ‘Ali’

There is some shame in the expression of love
But what should I do now that you are feeling ill?
Akbar Allahabadi

I’m scared of you now
have you fallen in love with me
john elia

How do I express my desires to you?
When the word came to my mind, my mother rebelled.
Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

One day say whatever is in your heart
One day listen to what is in our hearts
Josh Malihabadi

We told them everything but this coincidence
Whatever was meant to be said remained in my heart.
Jalil Manikpuri

I haven’t met anyone with whom I can share my feelings.
When we met, we were left at a loss for words.
Alina Itrat

Express your love no matter what the consequences.
There should be something like life in life
Priyamvada Ilhan

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