Deepika Singh danced on a 59 year old song, shared the video and people said- After getting one serial, when she got another…

Deepika Singh has earned a lot of fame by playing Sandhya Bindani in Diya Aur Baati Hum. People started calling her by the name of Sandhya Bindani. She made a name for herself in every household with this show. Deepika’s character was such that people started considering her as their idol. Deepika has been very active on social media since the serial ended. She does not miss making reels on every trending song. Sometimes dancing and sometimes acting, Deepika makes videos every day. Because of this video, many times fans praise her a lot, while many times Deepika also has to face trolling.

Sandhya Bindani made the video

This time Deepika has made a video on the 59 year old song Huzure Wala. She is seen dancing in the video and her expressions are such that this time trolls have taken her to task. People are left stunned after seeing her expressions and moves. They are trolling her a lot by commenting.

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