Dharmendra received the World Iron Man Award because of this film, more than three crore tickets were sold in Russia.

Of course, the trend of showing the body of male actors started a few years ago, but on the basis of his physique, Dharmendra had become famous across the world many years ago. Not only Bollywood, fans all over the world considered him as the World Iron Man, that too after the release of a film. This film was Dharmendra and Jeetendra’s action film Dharamveer which was released in the year 1977. The story of this film was very dramatic and the songs of the film were also chart busters of that year. The film was liked very much not only in India but also in other countries.

Dharmendra’s physique was quite strong and well maintained in this film. From Shaklo Surat, handsome and amazing in acting Dharmendra impressed the audience with his all over personality, due to which he was also given the World Iron Man Award. This film of Dharmendra was very much liked in the Soviet Union. 32 million tickets of Dharamveer movie were sold there. The film was a huge hit in India also. This film was shown in theaters here for more than 50 weeks. Not only this, this movie not only became the second biggest film of the year but also became the sixth highest grossing film of the 1970s. This information is given on IMDB.

Apart from the star cast and story of Dharam Veer, its songs were also a huge hit. The songs O Meri Mehbooba, Seven Wonders of the World, Hum Banjaron Ki Baat Mat Pucho were included in the list of hit songs of this year. That year, the song Binaka came at the 10th position and the song O Meri Mehbooba came at the third position. Kader Khan had written the dialogues for this brilliant film of director Manmohan Desai.

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