This villain had done 19 films with Rajesh Khanna, 15 were superhit, two could not be released, told that the name will be called Ustad

Rajesh Khanna was the first superstar of Bollywood. His madness was on cloud nine. He worked with many heroines and also gave many superhit films. But here we are not talking about a hero but a villain who Rajesh Khanna has done not in one or two but in 19 films. Of these, 15 films became hits while two remained unreleased. This villain is recognized for his dialogue delivery. His famous dialogue from Rajesh Khanna’s film is, ‘I am the devil who breaks stones with glass.’ This dialogue is from the movie Sautan. Do you remember the name of the villain we are mentioning? If not then let us tell you.

This villain, who has done 19 films with Rajesh Khanna, is none other than Prem Chopra. According to IMDB, Prem Chopra had done 19 films with Rajesh Khanna. Of these films, 15 were hits, while two were not released. The films that Rajesh Khanna did with Prem Chopra included Doli, Do Raaste, Kati Patang, Daag, Ajnabee, Prem Nagar, Mahachor, Mehbooba, Tyag, Bebas, Aanchal, Jaanwar, Sautan, Maksav, Awaaz, Shatru, Unche Log. , return and home to the family.

If we talk about Prem Chopra’s memorable dialogues, prominent among them are, Kar bhala to ho bhala (Raja Babu), Nanga nahega kya aur nichodega kya (Dulhe Raja), I am the devil who breaks stones with glass (Sautan), My name is Prem…Prem Chopra (Bobby) and I know how to extinguish the fire I set (Kati Patang). Prem Chopra has worked in 380 films so far in his 60 years of career, in most of which he played the role of a villain and was also liked.

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