Donkey has earned three times its budget, know whether Shahrukh Khan’s film is a hit or a blockbuster

The earning pace of Shahrukh Khan’s movie Dinky is showing no sign of stopping. Even on the 14th day of its release, the film is earning at full on speed. In these 14 days, the film has earned three times more than its budget. The film’s earning figure reached Rs 400 crore on the 14th day. Whereas the film has been made with a budget of only Rs 120 crore. These figures are from Thursday’s collection. Talking about the Indian box office alone, the film has earned more than Rs 200 crore here.

Pathan, Jawan and Danki

In the year 2023, Shahrukh Khan appeared in three different films. One of which is Pathan, the second is Jawan and the third film is Danky. In comparison to Donkey, Pathan and Jawan achieved huge success at the box office and also made huge collections. If compared with these two films, the collection of Dinky can be said to be average or slightly above. The gross collection of Pathan movie was Rs 1,050.31 crore while the gross collection of Jawan was Rs 1,148.31 crore. However, if we compare these three years, Shahrukh Khan was successful in giving three back to back hit movies.

Salar vs Donkey

Donkey movie released on 21 December 2023. Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran’s film Salaar was released the very next day i.e. on 22 December 2023. Salaar movie was successful in giving tough competition to Donkey. According to industry tracker Sacnilk, Salaar Part 1- Ceasefire earned Rs 373 crore at the Indian box office. This collection includes Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi versions of the film. It is also worth noting the difference that Donkey movie is not a pan India movie like Salaar. The entire collection of Dunki is of Hindi version only. Whereas Salaar has been released in all the languages ​​of South India including Hindi.

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