First she was shy, then the new bride won hearts with her cute dance in front of aunt, aunt and maternal aunt, people said- even Sapna Choudhary has failed

Weird videos of weddings often appear on the internet. Sometimes the groom becomes Michael Jackson and starts showing his moves on stage, and sometimes the bride forgets everything and starts dancing at her own wedding. In a recent video, a newly wedded daughter-in-law is seen rocking her in-laws’ house. This daughter-in-law is shy at first, then removes her veil and dances so well that the viewers are left speechless.

New daughter-in-law’s explosive dance

Looking at the video, it seems that the women of the house are welcoming the new daughter-in-law. The groom’s sister, aunts and maternal aunts first force the bride to dance a little, but when the daughter-in-law comes into her form and starts dancing in full bodywood style, their eyes are wide open with surprise. The bride, wearing a heavy lehenga and jewellery, shows amazing steps on a Haryanvi song. Even the groom is surprised to see her dance. The caption of the video reads, how much everyone likes the new daughter-in-law. The text written on the video is, ‘Why do I look like Seema Haider’.

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The video has been viewed by more than 2.5 lakh users and liked by thousands. Many users commented and called this bride cute and beautiful. While many praised her dance. One user wrote, ‘She does not look like Seema Haider at all, she is very cute’. Another wrote, ‘Sapna Chaudhary has failed’. Another wrote, ‘What a cute bride she is’.

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