Harshika Poonacha: Goons surrounded the car, pulled out her husband’s gold chain, the actress told on social media how that scary scene was.

Actress Harshika Poonaccha, who predominantly works in Kannada films, claimed that she and her husband Bhuvan Ponnana were harassed by a group of people for speaking in the local language and also tried to rob them. In a long Instagram post along with videos and pictures of the alleged attackers, the actress asked, “How safe are we the locals in our Bengaluru? Are we living in Pakistan or Afghanistan?” According to the actor, a few days ago she had gone out with her husband and family for dinner at Karama restaurant near the posh Fraser Town in Bengaluru. As soon as he sat in his car he was attacked by a group of men.

Describing her traumatic experience, she wrote, “A few days ago I went with my family to have dinner at a restaurant called “Karama” on Mosque Road in Pulikeshi Nagar near Fraser Town area. After dinner We were exiting the valet parking after picking up our car when two men suddenly came near the driver’s side window and started arguing that our car was so big that if it moved suddenly it could have touched them.

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“My husband asked them to leave because they were talking about an incident that might not have happened and it made no sense. We moved the vehicle a little and by the time these two people saw us with their Started abusing in language and even tried to hit my husband and said, these local Kannadigas should be taught a lesson. My husband was handling the matter very calmly and did not react much.”

She alleged that within a few minutes about 30 people of the same gang gathered and tried to snatch her husband’s gold chain and when her husband protested against snatching it, they broke the chain. They damaged the car and tried to physically abuse us. The actress told that as soon as she called the inspector whom she knew from the area, they dispersed within a second as if nothing had happened. However, the actress did not get any help from the local police. He has claimed so.

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