No place for politics in office: Google CEO gave message to employees after firing 28 employees

Sundar Pichai, CEO of tech company Google, has asked his employees to keep politics away from the workplace (office). The CEO said this in a blog post written for the company’s employees after firing 28 employees from Google. In this, he in a way ordered the employees to come to the office and do their work and not get involved in politics. In his note titled ‘Mission First’, Pichai said – the company’s policy and expectations are clear. There is no place for politics in office. Employees were opposing the Nimbus project. Actually, some employees were opposing the company’s $1.2 billion Nimbus project, which is a joint project with Amazon. In this, it is being said that cloud service will be provided to the Israeli government and army. Nine employees who were protesting against the project were arrested by the police. After this, Google fired 28 employees who were protesting outside the company’s buildings in Sunnyvale and New York City.

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