If you want to know more about Hanuman ji then watch these films, they are no less than a treasure.

Movies,Tv Serials And Web Series On Hanuman:Whenever the name of Lord Ram is taken, people automatically think of Hanuman along with him. Everyone wants to know about Hanuman ji. For this reason, makers make films, TV shows and web series on them. People also like to watch them with great interest. Today we will tell you about those films, TV shows and web series which are based on Hanuman.
The Legend of Hanuman
The Legend of Hanuman is one of the most famous Indian animated series. There have been three seasons of this series. Ever since the release of the first season, fans were waiting for its next season. In this series it is shown how Mahadev takes the incarnation of Hanuman to serve Lord Ram and how he helps him.
Jai Hanuman
In the year 1997, a show came on TV named Jai Hanuman. Unheard stories of Lord Hanuman were told in this show. People liked this show very much. Raj Premi played the role of Hanuman in this show. Even today people watch this show on YouTube.
Chiranjeevi Hanuman
Many mythological shows come on TV channels. Which everyone likes to watch with their family. Chiranjeevi Hanuman: Ram Bhakti Rudra Shakti serial had started some time ago. This show started on Star Plus in which the story of rescuing Sita with the help of Hanuman was shown.
Recently, South star Teja Sajja’s film Hanu Maan has been released in theatres. This film is still making great collections at the box office. Everyone is liking this film.
A film was released in the year 2005. In this, the story was shown from the childhood incarnation of Hanuman to his meeting with Lord Rama. In this film his entire story was shown through cartoon characters.

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