In front of Munawar Farooqui, Ankita Lokhande called her husband useless, Vicky Jain said – Relationship outside the house…

Bigg Boss 17 New Promo: The weekend war of Bigg Boss 17 was quite interesting. While Abhishek Kumar re-entered the house, host Salman Khan’s attack on the contestants of Bigg Boss 17 was seen, due to which the excitement level of the fans was seen increasing. Meanwhile, a new promo of the show has come out, in which Ankita Lokhande is seen calling her husband useless in a task between Munawar Farooqui and Vicky Jain, due to which a fight is seen between the two.

In the promo of the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 17, in a task between Vicky Jain and Muvwar Farooqui, Ankita says that Vicky is my husband but I feel that he interferes in others’ matters and raises voice on unnecessary issues. Whereas Munawwar does not talk much.

After the task is over, Vicky Jain is seen telling Ankita that I never thought that she would choose me in this, we have a relationship but I think she has completely forgotten about it. But Ankita says you think I have put Munavvar above you? On this Vicky says that you have shown it.

It is noteworthy that this week is going to be Family Week, in which all the contestants’ families will be seen being a part of the show. Its promo has come out.

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