Job in cement factory, also became phone booth operator, faced rejection, but did not accept defeat and today became superstar of South.

If we talk about South’s superstars, Vijay Sethupathi’s name definitely comes up in it. Vijay has made people crazy not only in South but also in Bollywood with his acting. He has appeared in only a few films in Bollywood and in this he has created a distinct identity for himself. Everyone is crazy about Vijay’s simplicity. He arrives at any event in a very simple look due to which people admire him. But reaching this point was not easy for Vijay Sethupathi. He has worked very hard to get the tag of the best actor. Today Vijay Sethupathi turns 46 and on his 47th birthday, let us tell you about his journey.

actor Used to do this work before becoming

Vijay was fond of becoming an actor from the beginning. Before coming into the world of acting, he was an accountant. But they say that the actor inside you never dies. Something similar happened with Vijay. Initially he did small roles. After which, for the first time, he was seen in a big role in the film Thenmurka Paruvakaatru and after this his luck changed.

cement worked in a factory

When Vijay entered the world of acting, it was not that easy. He did many things to meet his expenses. That salesman. Even became a phone booth operator. Not only this, Vijay has also worked in a cement factory.

Now rule the industry

Since Thenmurka Paruvakaatru became a hit, Vijay has never looked back. Whatever film he worked in has proved to be a hit. For this reason he is now ruling the industry. Talking about work front, Vijay’s recently released film Merry Christmas with Katrina Kaif. His acting in the film is being praised a lot. However, the film has not been able to perform as well at the box office as was expected.

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