Bigg Boss 17: ‘Ek se Jyada ladki…’, Samarth Jurel speaks on cosy moments with gf Isha Malviya

Samarth Jurel and Isha Malviya’s love life was much talked about in Bigg Boss 17 House. Samarth entered the show as a wild card contestant and changed the entire game of Isha as she entered the show with her ex-boyfriend Abhishek. She also became friendly with Abhishek in the show. But after Samarth’s entry, Isha and Abhishek’s relationship went from bad to worse. However, Jurel is the latest contestant to be evicted from the show. After coming out of Bigg Boss 17, Samarth has been vocally speaking about Isha and Abhishek. 

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