Netflix Griselda: Netflix brought a great web series on the real lady gangster, made many records in just 24 hours

Netflix Griselda: Netflix’s crime drama web series ‘Griselda’ is in the headlines these days. Griselda web series has also been released in Hindi on Netflix. There are six episodes of the Netflix web series. This web series is the life story of Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco. In this, the story from his rule over the drug world to his downfall is shown. This series shows how an ordinary housewife fights her circumstances and rules the drug world of Miami. The character of Griselda has been played by Sofia Vergara in the web series and she is being praised a lot for this character. It has been directed by Andres Baij. It became the most streamed show worldwide within 24 hours.

Who is Griselda Blanco?

Griselda Blanco was a Colombian drug lord also known as the Black Widow or Cocaine Godmother. In the 1970s, Griselda was a popular coin in the Miami underworld. She came to America in the hope of a good life but here she becomes a part of the underworld. Griselda was born on 15 February 1943 while she died on 3 September 2012. Griselda was murdered in Colombia, when she was 69 years old.

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Who played the character in Netflix Griselda?

Sofia Vergara has played the role in the Netflix lab series ‘Griselda’. Sofia is a Colombia-born American actress and TV personality. She played the role of Gloria in ABC’s sitcom ‘Modern Family (2009-2020)’ which was also well-liked. Because of this role, 51-year-old Sophia also became America’s highest paid actress. She has shown the nuances of the character of Griselda on screen with such intensity that she is being praised a lot for this character.

What should Bollywood learn from Netflix web series Griselda?

Bollywood is continuously making such web series in which the characters of female drug lords are being seen. Many characters are also being liked. But Bollywood should definitely take a look at Griselda. The kind of depth that a character should have and the kind of acting that should be seen on screen, everything is present in Griselda. From content to story to characters to atmosphere, everything has been crafted with great precision. This is what makes this story of Sofia Vergara alive.

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