On the entry of the groom, the bride danced to Kajol’s song and did such a dance that people forgot the wedding, users said – they got goosebumps.

The trend is changing in weddings, earlier the bride used to reach the stage of Jaymala shyly. The groom also garlanded himself a bit shyly. But now the trend has changed and bride and groom are making reels even in weddings. The bride enters dancing and the groom also jumps and dances. In the video that went viral recently, the bride was seen going one level further and herself reaching out to welcome her groom. She welcomes the groom while dancing on Bollywood songs.

The bride danced on Kajol’s song

A user named Anjali kalosiya has shared this video on Instagram and has written in the caption, My wedding entry. It can be seen in the video that the groom has arrived for the wedding riding on a horse and the bride is standing in the middle of the field, wearing full make-up and a red dress laden with jewellery. She is dancing on the song ‘Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye’ from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The bride looks amazing dancing like a trend dancer, her steps are really amazing.

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This is how people reacted

The video has been viewed more than 7 lakh times and 46 thousand people have liked it. Along with likes, many people have also commented on the video. One user commented that there is a limit to madness. Another wrote, this happens when both the groom and the bride like the lehenga. The third wrote, it seems she has forgotten that it is her wedding. Another user wrote, the dance is good though.

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