Poster of ‘Aakhir Kab Tak Palayan’ released, a police officer will find out the truth

The central character in the film is a police officer who faces personal challenges while unraveling the web of lies in a peaceful city. The story explores the dark power that takes advantage of community sentiments, weaving a story based on religious beliefs and community problems. Aakhir Kab Tak Palayan’ focuses on the leader’s motivation, driven by the desire for wealth, and the film’s themes of community manipulation and personal resurrection.

“How long will the exodus last?” Dives into the manipulation of fear and helplessness, exploiting religious sentiments by a harmful puppeteer. Casting doubt over every truth, the film reminds viewers to consider the thin line between reality and organized fanfare. ‘Aakhir Kab Tak Palayan’ takes a thought-provoking approach and unveils the difficult truths that people often blindly see, convincing them to face mutual truths. ‘Aakhir Kab Tak Palayan’ will be released in theaters on 16 February 2024.

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