Pratik Babbar is sad for not being able to meet Smita Patil, said – ‘Mother had amazing talent…’

Smita Patil was a famous Bollywood actress in her time. Smita Patil had worked in many films. Although Smita Patil is no longer in this world, people still remember her for her powerful acting. Shyam Benegal’s film Manthan, in which Smita Patil played an important role, was screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2024. After this honor received at Cannes, actor Prateik Babbar has remembered his late mother Smita Patil.

Remembering Smita Patil, Prateik Babbar has said that she was a brilliant actress. He had a wonderful way of seeing the world through the eyes of others. Prateek said in a recent interview, “My mother had the ability to connect deeply emotionally with her character. She brought authenticity to every role she played.” He said, “Her performance was not limited to just acting, but was about living the life of the character she played. His honesty and dedication towards his art still resonates among the audience.”

Prateik Babbar said, “Unfortunately I never got a chance to meet him and see his magic. I am able to feel him only through the art he created in his life. He had an amazing way of seeing the world through the eyes of others, which was clearly reflected in his performances and his life.” Let us tell you that the 37-year-old actor introduced Shyam Benegal, played by his mother, at the 77th Cannes Film Festival on May 17. Represented the film ‘Manthan’.

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