Sanjeev Kumar had fallen in love with these 4 actresses, could not settle down with even one of them, 2 were rejected by his mother.

A lot has been written about Sanjeev Kumar’s love life in his biography. Let us tell you that Sanjeev Kumar is known for his excellent roles in films, but the actor was unlucky in love. According to the biography, Sanjeev Kumar had once expressed his love for Shabana Azmi. The book also mentions a 1979 interview with Stardust, in which Sanjeev Kumar had said that their relationship could have reached marriage if his mother had not insisted.

He said that if he had married Shabana, he would have had to move out of his house and he could not even think about it. The actor had said, “I knew Shabana for a long time. I had worked on stage with her mother Shaukat. When I first met Shabana, she was not in films. What she felt for me at that time. , It might have been only first love, but due to my mother’s insistence the marriage could not take place”.

Mother did not accept Muslim daughter-in-law

He further said, “My mother was tolerant in other respects, but was not ready to accept a Muslim daughter-in-law”. Before Shabana Azmi, there was another Muslim girl, on whom her mother had objected. The biography talks about his ‘first love’, in which Sanjeev Kumar once said that this was the first time he fell in ‘seriously love’.

love with saira banu

In an interview in 1973, he said, “I fell deeply in love at the age of 26.” I wanted to marry her more than anything. But she was a Muslim girl”. The actor had said, “If I were my mother’s youngest son, I would have gone to hell and married her… My mother raised 4 children alone without my father. It is said that that girl was Saira Banu.

His make-up artist Sarosh Modi said in 1982, “Every woman Sanjeev loved and longed for left him.” His ego was deeply hurt. Luck was never on his side. He loved all of them – Saira, Nutan and Hema. Maybe it was just an infatuation with Saira”.

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