Ranbir Kapoor was seen kissing Alia Bhatt, have you seen this New Year photo?

Actress Alia Bhatt welcomed the new year 2024 with her actor husband Ranbir Kapoor and daughter Raha Kapoor. Alia shared several pictures of Ranbir and Raha on Instagram on Monday (January 1). In the first picture, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia hugged each other and while clicking the selfie, Ranbir is seen kissing Alia’s cheek and Alia is smiling. In the next picture, Alia is seen sitting on a table wearing a string dress and a funky hairband.

Alia and Raha’s new photo

In this photo, Alia is holding Raha in her lap. In the next picture, she was standing on the seashore at sunset and waving her hands. In one photo, Alia showed a glimpse of scuba gear on the deck. Meaning Alia and Ranbir also did scuba diving. In one photo, Alia is seen in a pink dress. He also posted a picture of his feet in front of the blue sky.

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Alia wished fans a happy new year

The actor has shared his video while whistling. He captioned the pictures, 2024 to do – keep it wholesome & soul-some…Happy New Year to all of you.

Recently, Alia shared a video of her achievement in 2023 on Instagram. It included many pictures of memorable moments of the year. He captioned it, “2 0 2 3”. After his post, Ranveer Singh posted a heart emoji. The video started with Rocky and Rani’s look from their love story.

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