This child is a superstar of South, his net worth is Rs 300 crore, he had said that Bollywood can never afford me.

The relationship between the film and this child is something different. Started working in films since childhood. The father who made the film said that if you want to stay away from films, then stay away from the screen for nine years. Not fond of Bollywood but got married to a Bollywood actress. This child has become a superstar today and is also known as a generous personality. Now when every South Indian movie is achieving resounding success in Hindi also and the stars of South are coming towards Bollywood. At that time, this star says that it is difficult for Bollywood to afford me.

Memorize the dialogue by rote

This star is Mahesh Babu. Who started his career at the age of just four years. As a child artist, he had worked in nine films. Seeing his son’s increasing inclination towards films day by day, his father and producer-director Shiva Ram Krishna asked him to stay away from films and concentrate on studies. After which he stayed away from films for nine years. It is said that Mahesh Babu memorizes his dialogues before every shoot. So that there is no mistake while shooting the scene.

bollywood can’t afford me

Mahesh Babu is a big star of South Indian films. About whom it is said that he earns Rs 60 to 80 crores from each film. Let’s charge. There has always been a craze for South Indian film heroes and heroines in Hindi films. Now even South Indian movies are dubbed and are liked a lot here. Even in this era, Mahesh Babu does not aspire to work in Bollywood. He also said in an interview that Bollywood cannot afford him. He is happy where he is, which became a topic of much discussion.

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