Shaitaan Box Office Collection Day 4: Ajay Devgan’s Shaitaan scored half century in three days, collection was stormy on the fourth day

Shaitaan Box Office Collection Day 4:If a father becomes determined to save his family, then even the evil forces bow down. The film Shaitan is a non-trivial story of an ordinary father. In which Ajay Devgan is seen in his familiar style. But R Madhavan is making hearts beat in every frame and Junkie Bodiwal is also doing an amazing job in the role of daughter Jhanvi. The film is such a complete package that it has managed to entertain the audience even after the weekend has passed. Due to which the film’s earnings continued even on the fourth day.

earned so many crores

The film has maintained a good pace in terms of earnings since day one. The film had earned Rs 14.75 crore on the first day. After this, the graph of the film’s collection increased further on the second day. On this day the movie earned Rs 18.25 crore. The film did not fall short in terms of earnings even on the third day. According to, the film collected Rs 20.5 crore on the third day. Earned Rs. 54 crores and with it. Crossed the figure of. The film is expected to continue earning decent earnings on the fourth day as well. estimates that the film can earn up to Rs 66 lakh on this day. After which the total earning of the film will be Rs 54.66 lakh. If the film’s earnings continue at this pace, the film will very soon become a part of the 100 crore club.

Such is the story of the film

The story of Shaitan movie is very shocking. Which sometimes scares and sometimes plays with the minds of the audience. In the beginning of the film, R Madhavan makes life difficult for Ajay Devgan’s entire family. By taking control of their daughter, they force the family to separate. After this many twists and turns come. In fact, even the audience is shocked to see how bad a father has done to a person who considered himself God.

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