She was going to be Emraan Hashmi’s heroine in a gangster film, a closed phone call changed Kangana Ranaut’s fate.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is also called the queen of the industry. Kangana is not only known for her strong acting but more than that, she remains in the news because of her controversial statements. Be it her attack on nepotism or political statements, Kangana remains in the media every day due to some statement or the other. Kangana, who has made a big name for herself in Bollywood today, got her first film by chance.

This actress was the first choice for the gangster

Kangana Ranaut started her Bollywood career in 2006 with Anurag Basu’s film Gangster. This film changed her fortunes and she became a star overnight. Kangana also gave an intimate scene in the film, due to which she came in the news. However, he was rejected in the first audition of the film. Citing her young age, the makers had refused to cast her in the film and were preparing to sign Chitrangada Singh for the film.

Switched off phone brought luck

Chitrangada was the first choice for the makers, but perhaps fate had something else in mind. Chitrangada’s switched off phone put this film in Kangana’s lap. When the makers of the film were calling Chitrangada, her phone was switched off, so Anurag Basu decided to sign Kangana Ranaut for the role. In this way Kangana took a explosive entry in Bollywood.

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