Start the countdown because not only Satan but this movie will create chaos in the theatres! People will say after watching the trailer of this horror movie

The new trailer of the horror movie The First Omen has been released, seeing which sometimes you will get goosebumps out of fear and sometimes you will scream. Let us tell you that The First Omen is a prequel to the horror movie The Omen. The Omen was also a very scary movie. Only after its success the makers are bringing its prequel. The new trailer of this movie has been released. Which is as scary as before. Along with this, the makers have also announced the release date of the movie. After which it can be said that the lovers of the world of fear will not have to wait long to watch The First Omen.

What is special in the trailer?

Some more new scenes from The First Omen movie can be seen in this trailer. From which it can also be inferred that this is a psychological horror movie. And, just as the film frightened in The Omen, the world of fear will look equally dangerous in The First Omen. The story of the film seems to be based on an American girl. Who has been sent to Rome so that he can live with faith in the Church. After coming here he realizes that some evil force is trying to dissuade him from his faith and after that the evil shadow becomes dominant. In The Omen, Gergory Peck plays an ambassador who believes his son will bring about change. It is believed that the story of The First Omen will also be based around this thinking.

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This is the star cast and release date

Nell Tiger Free, Sonai Braga, Tawfeek Barhom, Ralph Ineson and Bill Nighty will be seen in the film. This film was directed by Arkasha Stevenson. The characters of the film are based on the imagination of David Seltzer. The story was written by Ben Jacob and the screenplay was prepared by Tim Smith, Keith Thomas and Arkasha Stevenson himself. This film will be released in theaters on 5th April.

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