Taapsee Pannu’s bridal look in Punjabi suit was like this, wedding video went viral on the internet

About 12 days after the news of Taapsee Pannu, a video is now going viral on social media. It is being claimed that this is the video of Taapsee and Mathias’s wedding in Udaipur. In this, Taapsee is coming to Mathias dressed as a Punjabi style bride and it is difficult to recognize Mathias because he too has a Sikh look. The person seen in the video has a grown beard and is also wearing a turban. The video is so blurry that it is difficult to recognize the face, although Taapsee is clearly recognizable.

How was the look?

Taapsee was wearing an Anarkali type Punjabi suit and with it, Paranda in her braid, chura in her hand and long kalires, it meant that she was looking like a full Punjabi bride. In the viral video, he is seen garlanding him. First Taapsee garlands her and then Mathias goes ahead and puts the garland around Taapsee’s neck. Although Taapsee is an Indian, the fans were quite impressed after seeing the way Mathias adopted the Indian culture. Let us tell you that Taapsee has not yet made any official post on marriage. Neither has there been any confirmation or comment on any news. Fans were wondering whether there might be some announcement along with the pictures, but in this matter too, Taapsee has disappointed everyone so far.

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It seems that she believes too much in doing things a little differently. That’s why even in the wedding he wore a Punjabi suit instead of lehenga or gown and now there is no noise in the name of announcement.

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