Talks are closed between Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, cold war going on? Producer Rajan Shahi replied

Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupamaa show remains in the news. This show started in 2020 and has been a TRP topper. It has a huge fan following and people are liking the story of Anu and Anuj. People liked the pairing of Rupali and Gaurav in the show. Watching such a mature yet sweet love story was a different experience for everyone. They have become the most favorite couple of telly town. Seeing Gaurav and Rupali on-screen was a gift for the fans and they have also been sharing pictures of #MaAn together on social media. Their off-screen bond was also so sweet that it was nice to see. Their social media posts and the way they had fun during Sunday With Star Family proved that they are off-screen BFFs. However, for the past few months, fans have noticed that he does not share any #MaAn posts.

Is there any dispute between Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna?

People kept waiting eagerly for their pictures to appear but no post came from Gaurav or Rupali. Hence rumors of their cold war started spreading. Fans started talking about their friendship going through a bad phase. But now the answer to these questions has come. Now producer Rajan Shahi has revealed about the rumors of Gaurav and Rupali’s cold war. While talking to Tele Talk, Rajan Shahi said that whether it is a cold war, hot war, lukewarm war or any other war, he does not get involved in it unless it affects the shooting of his show.

He said that he does not get involved in the personal lives of actors but if the shooting of the show is affected due to issues between the actors then he will react. He further said that in DKP they first ask the actors to resolve the issues among themselves. Rajan Shahi said that the actors are good for each other and the next moment they fight and get back together. Therefore as a producer he should not be involved in this. Well, Rajan Shahi did not deny the news of Cold War nor said anything clearly.

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