The career of 6 actors was launched with this horror film, they earned so much money in a film worth Rs. 6 crores.

The world of fear depicted on the cinematic screen not only thrills the makers and actors but the audience also likes it very much. Especially those viewers who are fond of watching a new scary twist with mysterious music, they like horror movies very much. One such horror movie gave an opportunity to six new actors in Bollywood to enter the film world. The director also treated the story of the film in such a way that the style of presenting films in the world of horror changed. Due to this change, this horror film was successful in earning more than its cost.

Six artists got a chance

The name of this film of director producer Vikram Bhatt was Horror Story. Which was the story of seven friends who set out to find out the mystery of an old haunted building. Hasan Zaidi was seen in this film. Apart from them, actors like Ravish Desai, Nishant Malkani, Karan Kundra, Radhika Menon, Aparna Bajpayee, Nandini Vaidya, Sheetal Singh were also launched in the film industry. The film story revolves around these characters. In which some become victims of demonic forces while one succeeds in defeating that spiritual force and also puts an end to it. With these new faces, this film was made for Rs 6 crore and earned Rs 7 crore at the domestic box office.

Such was the story of the film

The film’s maker Vikram Bhatt wanted to make a pure horror movie in which there would be no songs or romantic scenes. For this reason he chose this story. In which seven friends enter an old haunted building. But the devil is more powerful than them and kills all the friends one after the other. But a friend learns how to destroy the evil spirit and finally puts an end to it. The film ends with this. Many twists and turns and music have been used brilliantly in the film to make one feel the presence of the soul.

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