Byju’s started retrenchment on phone call: 100 to 500 employees were laid off, company is not even giving chance to serve notice period.

Edtech company Byju’s, which is facing cash crunch, has now started laying off employees on phone calls. According to the report of Moneycontrol, the financial condition of Byju’s is so bad that neither the company is reviewing the work of any employees nor is giving them a chance to serve the notice period. The company is firing employees just on the basis of phone call. Byju’s employee Rahul fired over phone Rahul, an employee of Byju’s, told Moneycontrol that due to the ill health of a member of his family, he had to go away from the city to take care of him. For this reason, he took leave from his office in the middle of March. On March 31, Rahul suddenly got a call from Byju’s HR. HR told Rahul over the phone that the company had fired him. HR also told that the process of his exit has been started and today is his last day in the company. When Rahul asked the reason for firing, HR told that the financial condition of the company is bad, due to which the top management has decided to fire some people. Sources told Moneycontrol that the company did not even give Rahul a chance to review or serve any notice period for his removal. Rahul is not the only victim of phone layoffs. Like Rahul, Byju’s has fired many employees on just one phone call. Byju’s has laid off 100 to 500 people. According to sources, Byju’s has laid off 100 to 500 people in this round. The process of layoffs in the company started from 2022. In the last two years, Byju’s has laid off 10,000 employees. According to the latest data available, Byju’s India has 14,000 employees. The business is in the last phase of restructuring: Byju’s spokesperson has confirmed to Moneycontrol the layoffs in the company. The spokesperson said, ‘We are in the final phase of business restructuring. The company started restructuring in October 2023 so that the company’s expenses could be reduced. Due to legal complications, we are going through a very difficult situation and the same is the situation for every employee of the company. Also read this news… Byju’s employees will get March salary till April 8: There was a delay in getting February salary, the company is facing cash crunch. Byju’s employees, who are facing cash crunch, will get March salary. Will have to wait till April 8 for salary. The company has given this information in a letter to its employees on April 1. More than 15 thousand employees currently work in Byju’s. Read the full news…

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