This actor was banned from wearing black clothes, took a break from shooting and married the actress of his own film, was a superstar before Amitabh

Which actor will wear what kind of clothes, how will he maintain his style. This is decided either by the actor himself or by his stylist. Have you heard that the law has to decide what a star should wear or not? There has been one such evergreen star in the history of Hindi films, who was banned from wearing black clothes. This star was Devanand, whose way of walking bent to one side, winking his eyes and flipping his hair was amazing. But this very act became so difficult for him that he was banned from wearing his favorite clothes.

A still from 1954’s Iconic Masterpiece Taxi driver which showcased the unmistakable style, class and talent of Dev Anand
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Why was there a ban?

Devanand had a style. He used to wear white shirt, black pants and black coat a lot. It would not be wrong to say that Devanand’s style in this attire looked so killer that the female fans would just keep staring at him. There are some stories that after seeing Devanand in black clothes, crazy girls even jumped from Qutub Minar. The lives of some fans ended. After which the court also warned Devanand that now he will not wear black clothes. This craze was not only about black clothes. Devanand was also a superstar of that era. Well, the superstar era is considered to have started with Rajesh Khanna and then Amitabh Bachchan. But Devanand’s status was also no less.

Married to costar

Devanand’s first love was with Suraiya. But luck was not in favor of both of them. Suraiya and Devanand had to change paths. After this Devanand worked in films with Kalpana Karthik. Both came so close that they started loving each other. After some time, Devanand married Kalpana Karthik. Instead of making much fuss about the marriage, they got married secretly during the lunch break of the shooting of the film Taxi Driver.

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