When this top director called in anger, Shahrukh Khan also turned back and asked ‘why should I meet you’

Yash Chopra and Shahrukh Khan have given many unique films together. The magic of Yash Chopra’s direction behind the camera and the magic of Shahrukh Khan’s romance in front of the camera have played out on screen many times. Actually, there is a pair of hero and heroine on screen. But this pair of director and actor also continued to bring a lot of success. The love of this couple was such that there was never any discussion of fees and no dates were fixed. Yash Chopra himself revealed in an interview what were the conditions regarding Shahrukh Khan’s fees and story for working with him.

20 years and Shahrukh’s questions

Yash Chopra is no more in this world but an old clip of his interview is going viral again. In this clip, Yash Chopra tells Shahrukh Khan that in twenty years Shahrukh Khan has never asked him what the story of the film is. Who has written the film, Aditya Chopra or Yash Chopra. Who will direct this film? You didn’t even ask fees for any of my films. Every time after sending the cheque, you would get a call saying that Yash ji, you have sent too much fee. I didn’t do anything like that.

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why should i meet you

This honor of Shahrukh Khan for Yash Chopra is praiseworthy. But there are some more stories left. In the same interview, Yash Chopra also told that once he angrily called Shahrukh Khan and said that he was busy but he did not come to meet me. Come at least once. After this you came and asked why should I meet you. After this Yash Chopra told that Shahrukh Khan told him that you are making the film, I am doing it. I don’t have to ask you the story. I don’t want to know how much fee you will pay. It is also certain that when I work in your film, I will not shoot any other film. So, then why should I meet you and what should I talk about? During this entire conversation with Yash Chopra, Shahrukh Khan was seen smiling the whole time.

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