This actress once used to smoke several cigarettes a day, she brought such happiness in her life, she gave up her smoking addiction.

Smoking cigarettes is a very bad addiction, but some people consider it a hobby and some consider it a style. Many people, from common to special, are fond of cigarettes. Film stars are also included in this. Many heroes and heroines of Bollywood are fond of smoking cigarettes. Today we are going to tell you about a top Bollywood actress who used to smoke several cigarettes a day. Then one day such happiness came in his life that he quit smoking forever. The name of this actress is Zeenat Aman.

Zeenat Aman is one of the top actresses of the seventies and eighties. He has worked with all the hit actors of Bollywood including Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra. It is said that Zeenat Aman was a very stylish actress during her career. She was seen openly smoking cigarettes in parties. Then such happiness came in Zeenat Aman’s life that she gave up cigarettes forever. This has been revealed by the veteran actress herself. He shared a post on social media telling about his cigarette addiction.

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Actually, Zeenat Aman shared a throwback picture of herself on her official Instagram account on Tuesday. In this picture she was seen with director Joy Mukherjee and actress Dimple Kapadia. In the picture, Zeenat Aman is seen smoking a cigarette. While sharing this picture, he remembered the past and praised Dimple Kapadia a lot. Talking about her cigarette addiction, Zeenat Aman wrote at the end of the post, ‘Please don’t be influenced by my smoking in this picture! I’ll admit that I did enjoy a few cigarettes between my late teens and early 30s, but that all came to an end as soon as I got pregnant with my first child! This post of Zeenat Aman is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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