This actress, seen with Ajay Devgan, had stunned the shopkeepers, she did not buy gas cylinders without weighing them.

This is from the 1980s. A bright woman used to appear on Doordarshan. Seeing this, the shopkeepers would get scared and the gas providers or other service providers would be afraid of coming to their homes. The reason was that she was a conscious woman and knew how to use her consumer rights properly. The name of this middle class woman who appeared on Doordarshan was Rajni and her attitude was such that even the best of people would be stunned. The actress we are talking about is none other than Priya Tendulkar who left this world at a very young age. Priya had made her name with the name Rajni in her short career. People liked this serial of his.

Priya Tendulkar got her real identity from Basu Chatterjee’s Doordarshan show Rajni. She became famous in every household with Rajni. He was liked so much in this serial that people started calling him Rajni. In Rajini, she played the character of a simple housewife who raised her voice against corruption and social evils without any fear. She used to teach a lesson to the shopkeepers who indulge in corruption in the show. Not only this, she did not even take the cylinder in the show without weighing it.

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Apart from Rajini show, Priya also got a lot of popularity from Hum Paanch. In the serial Hum Paanch, the character of the woman speaking from a photo frame was played by Priya. This character of his was also very much liked. Karan Razdan was seen in Rajni serial with Priya. 26 episodes of Rajni serial were aired on Doordarshan. This serial was aired on DD National in 1985.

Priya and Karan fell in love on the sets. After which both of them got married. But this marriage did not last long and the couple separated. Priya had left this world very early. He died of a heart attack at the age of 47. She was also battling breast cancer.

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