OpenAI CEO apologizes on controversial ’employee exit rule’: Altman said – the company has started the process of correcting its exit paper-work

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has publicly apologized for a controversial ’employee exit rule’ of the company. In fact, a controversial provision has been given in the company’s exit paperwork process, in which the employee is made to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). According to a report by Vox, if the employees who leave the company refuse to sign this non-disclosure agreement, they have been threatened to revoke the vested equity. The value of these vested equities could be millions of dollars. This information came to light after several recent high-profile resignations from the company. These resignations include company co-founder Ilya Sutskever and AI safety team leader Jan Leik. Sam Altman apologized by sharing the post on social media. After this provision of OpenAI came to light, many people criticized the company on social media. After this, now CEO Sam Altman shared a post on social media platform We have never recovered any employee’s vested equity. Sam Altman said, ‘We have never recovered any employee’s vested equity. In future also, if any employee does not sign the non-disclosure agreement, we will not do so. ‘Vested equity is wasted equity, full stop.’ ‘This is one of the few times I’ve actually been embarrassed to run OpenAI,’ said Sam Altman. I didn’t know something like this was happening, even though I should have known.’ Started the process of correcting the standard exit paperwork last month. Altman said that the company has started the process of correcting its standard exit paperwork since last month. Ex-employee told – the company had taken back his vested equity. Before this post by Sam Altman, Daniel Kokotajlo, an ex-employee of OpenAI, talked about his personal loss due to not signing an NDA when leaving the company. told. The value of vested equity is approximately 85% of the family’s net worth. Daniel claimed in a social media post that due to his decision the company took back his vested equity, due to which he suffered a huge loss. He said the value of his vested equity is about 85% of his family’s net worth. Altman promised to address the concerns of affected employees. The controversy has raised questions about OpenAI’s commitment to transparency and ethical AI development. Altman promised to address the concerns of former employees affected by the equity clawback provision. “If any ex-employee who signed those old agreements is concerned about this, they can contact me and we’ll fix that too,” Altman said. I am sorry about this.

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