This child was a bigger star than Dharmendra-Jeetendra, 2 affairs and 4 marriages also did not support him, he left Big B behind in good looks, do you recognize him?

The one who has seen hundreds of days of success in Bollywood, with whom the big actresses of that era agreed to work, should spend his life in the desire of love. Even if you find love, it may not be perfect. This innocent and innocent looking child has lived such a life, who entered the film world at the young age of ten. As a hero, his name continued to be taken along with the successful heroes of his era. He also had affairs with the hit actresses of that era, Rekha and Bindiya Goswami. Can you recognize who this child is?

Vinod Mehra touched great heights during his film career. As much as success was achieved on screen, peace of mind remained far away in real life. Vinod Mehra’s name kept being associated with Rekha. There were also rumors that he and Rekha were even married. But both of them never spoke openly on this issue. Meanwhile, Vinod Mehra’s family also got him married. But that marriage also did not last long. Vinod Mehra fell in love with another actress Bindiya Goswami.

There has also been speculation that Vinod Mehra had also married Bindiya Goswami. But after a fight with his second wife, Bindiya Goswami broke relations with Vinod Mehra. After that Vinod Mehra married a girl named Kiran. Then it seemed that the loneliness in Vinod’s life was over. But this togetherness lasted only for two years. After this, Vinod Mehra said goodbye to this world due to heart attack. Let us tell you that Vinod Mehra’s first marriage was with Meena Broka with the consent of his mother.

This picture is of Vinod Mehra, whose name has appeared on the film screen many times. Vinod Mehra is the star of that era when the era of handsome, tall and stylish stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna was young on the film screen. Amidst all this, Vinod Mehra, who has dozens of hit films to his name, was successful in making a name for himself with his acting. Vinod Mehra’s journey, which started as a child artist, continued till he became a director and producer. During this period, Vinod Mehra also worked in about a hundred films, but he died at the age of 45 before completing his first film Gurudev as a director and producer.

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