When Raj Kapoor and Rajkumar clashed at the wedding of this Bollywood villain, the atmosphere of happiness became a battlefield, know the reason

There are many such stars in Bollywood between whom there was discord for many years and this fight was also well known. Names like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are included in these. But not many people know about the star war between the two stars we are talking about today. The names of these two stars of yesteryear are Raj Kapoor and Rajkumar. These actors of our name are big names of Bollywood, but there was always a figure of 36 among them and the marriage of one star was too much. Today we are going to tell you the story of Prem Chopra’s wedding, when Rajkumar and Raj Kapoor created a lot of ruckus.

Uproar at Prem Chopra’s wedding

Both Rajkumar and Raj Kapoor were big stars of their time. Both had their own status. Big stars of Bollywood attended Prem Chopra’s wedding. Raj Kapoor and Raj Kumar also participated in it. According to reports, Raj Kapoor had drunk a lot during the wedding and he came in front of Rajkumar drunk. He started saying a lot about Rajkumar, even calling him a murderer, so even Rajkumar could not stop himself. Rajkumar said that he never went to him asking for work but he himself came to him.

Because of this the figure remained at 36

Actually, before coming into films, Rajkumar was a sub-inspector in the police, when he was accused of being involved in a murder case, but this case could never be proved against him. Later he came into films and earned a lot of name. Raj Kapoor wanted to sign Rajkumar for the film Mera Naam Joker, but he was not ready, this was the reason for the rift between the two.

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